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Sr No. Service Name Executable Name Log On As Description
82. RemoteAccess (Routing and Remote Access) svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem The Routing and Remote Access (RRAS) service provides multi-protocol LAN-to-LAN, LAN-to-WAN, virtual private network (VPN), and network address translation (NAT) routing services. Read more
83. Nwsapagent (SAP Agent) svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem Advertises network services on an IPX network using the IPX SAP .Read more
84. Seclogon (Secondary Logon) svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem The Secondary Logon service allows the user to create processes in the context of different security principals.Read more
85. SamSs(Security Accounts Manager) lsass.exe LocalSystem SAM (Security Accounts Manager) is a protected subsystem that manages user and group account information. In Windows 2000 and the Windows Server 2003 family, Read more
86. LanmanServer (Server) svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem Provides RPC support for file, print and named pipe sharing over the network. The Server service allows the sharing of local resources (such as disks and printers) so that other users on the network can access them.Read more
87. ShellHWDetection (Shell Hardware Detection) svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem This service provides notifications for AutoPlay hardware events. AutoPlay is a feature that detects content such as pictures, music, or video files on removable media and removable devices.Read more
88. SMTPSVC (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)) inetinfo.exe LocalSystem The SMTP service is used as an e-mail submission and relay agent. It can accept and queue e-mail for remote destinations and retry at specified intervals. Windows domain controllers use the SMTP service for Intersite e-mail-based replication. Read more
89. SimpTcp (Simple TCP/IP Services) tcpsvcs.exe NetworkService Implements support for the Echo, Discard, Character Generator, Daytime and Quote of the Day protocols.Read more
90. Groveler (Single Instance Storage Groveler) grovel.exe LocalSystem The Single Instance Storage Groveler (SIS) service is an integral component of the Remote Installation Service (RIS).Read more
91. SCardSvr (Smart Card) SCardSvr.exe LocalService Manages and controls access to a smart card inserted into a smart card reader attached to the computer. Read more
92. SNMP(SNMP Service) snmp.exe LocalSystem Allows incoming SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) requests to be serviced by the local computer. SNMP includes agents that monitor activity in network devices and report to the network console workstation.Read more
93. SNMPTRAP(SNMP Trap Service) snmptrap.exe LocalService Receives trap messages generated by local or remote SNMP agents and forwards the messages to SNMP management programs running on the computer.Read more
94. Sacsvr() svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem You can use the Special Administration Console (!SAC) to perform remote management tasks if the Windows Server family operating system stops functioning due to a Stop error message.Special Administration Console HelperRead more
95. SSDPRSRV (SSDP Discovery Service) svchost.exe -k LocalService LocalService Enables discovery of UPnP devices (Universal Plug and Play) on a home network. This implements the SSDP Discovery Service (Simple Service Discovery Protocol) as a Windows service. Read more
96. SQLAgent$UDDI (SQLAgent$UDDI) SQLagent.exe -i UDDI Network Service or Domain Account The SQL Server Agent UDDI supports features allowing the scheduling of periodic activities or the notification to system administrators of problems that have occurred with the server. Read more
97. Sens (System Event Notification) svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem : Tracks system events such as Windows logon network and power events. Notifies COM+ Event System subscribers of these events.Read more
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