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Sr No. Service Name Executable Name Log On As Description
64. PlugPlay (Plug and Play) Services.exe LocalSystem Enables a computer to recognize and adapt to hardware changes with little or no user input.Read more
65. WmdmPmSN (Portable Media Serial Number) svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem Retrieves the serial number of a portable music player connected to the computer.Read more
66. MacPrint (Print Server for Macintosh) Sfmprint.exe LocalSystem Enables Macintosh clients to route printing to a print spooler located on a computer running Windows 2000 and Windows Server 2003.Read more
67. ProtectedStorage (Protected Storage) lsass.exe LocalSystem Provides protected storage for sensitive data, such as private keys, to prevent access by unauthorized services processes or users.Read more
68. Spooler (Print Spooler) spoolsv.exe LocalSystem Manages all local and network print queues and controls print jobs. Read more
69. RSVP (QoS RSVP) RSVP.EXE LocalSystem This service is started when an application uses the (Generic Quality of Service) GQoS API requesting a specific quality of service on the end-to-end connection it uses. Read more
70. RasAuto (Remote Access Auto Connection Manager) svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem Creates a connection to a remote network whenever a program references a remote DNS or NetBIOS name or address.Read more
71. RasMan (Remote Access Connection Manager) svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem Manages dial-up and virtual private networks (VPN) connections from your computer to the Internet or other remote networks. Read more
72. RDSessMgr(Remote Desktop Help Session Manager) sessmgr.exe LocalSystem Manages and controls the Remote Assistance feature within the Help and Support Center application (helpctr.exe). Read more
73. BINLSVC (Remote Installation) tcpsvcs.exe LocalSystem Remote Installation Services (RIS) is a Windows deployment feature that is provided on the Windows Server 2003 operating system family. Read more
74. RpcSs (Remote Procedure Call (RPC)) svchost -k rpcss LocalSystem Microsoft RPC is a powerful, robust, efficient, and secure interprocess communication (IPC) mechanism that enables data exchange and invocation of functionality residing in a different process. Read more
75. RpcLocator (Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Locator) locator.exe NetworkService Enables RPC clients using the RpcNs* family of APIs to locate RPC servers and manages the RPC name service database. Read more
76. RemoteRegistry (Remote Registry) svchost.exe -k regsvc LocalService : Enables remote users to modify registry settings on your computer, provided the remote users have the required permissions.Read more
77. AppMgr (Remote Server Manager) APPMGR.EXE LocalSystem The Remote Server Manager acts as a WMI instance provider for Remote Administration Alert Objects and a WMI method provider for Remote Administration Tasks. Read more
78. Remote_Storage_Server (Remote Storage Server) RsServ.exe LocalSystem The Remote Storage Server service is a hierarchical storage management application that migrates data from upper-level storage to lower-level storage. Read more
79. NtmsSvc (Removable Storage) svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem Manages removable media drives and libraries. This service maintains a catalog of identifying information for removable media used by a system, including tapes, CDs, and so on. Read more
80. RSoPProv (Resultant Set of Policy Provider) RSoPProv.exe LocalSystem Enables you to connect to a Windows domain controller, access the Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) database for that computer, and simulate RSoP for Group Policy settings .Read more
81. Iprip (RIP Listener) svchost.exe -k netsvcs LocalSystem Listens for route updates sent by routers that use the Routing Information Protocol version 1 (RIPv1).Read more
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