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Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol

What is DHCP:- DHCP is a network protocol which provide funtionality in a server to automatically assign the ip address to network device(Computer ,Printers, etc) which release and renew these address as devices leave and re-join the network.

How Does DHCP works:-

  • As a computer get connected in network with a DHCP client.

  • The DHCP client computer sends a broadcast request (called a DISCOVER or DHCPDISCOVER), searching for a DHCP server to answer.

  • The router directs the DISCOVER packet to the correct DHCP server.

  • The server receives the DISCOVER packet.the server determines an appropriate address for the client and sends back to the client an OFFER (or DHCPOFFER) packet, with that address information. The server also configures the client's DNS servers, WINS servers, NTP servers, and sometimes other services as well.

  • The client sends a REQUEST (or DHCPREQUEST) packet, letting the server know that it intends to use the address.

  • The server sends an ACK (or DHCPACK) packet, confirming that the client has a been given a lease on the address for a server-specified period of time.

  • If the IP Address is manually configured on computer then in this case computer will not contact DHCP Server for IP address assignment.Internet Service Providers mostly use DHCP to allow customers to join the Internet with less effort. in same way, home network equipment like broadband routers offers DHCP support for joining home computers to the LAN.

    Features of DHCP:-
  • You can add mutiple Scope in Single DHCP Server.

  • You can do IP address reservation in DHCP on MAC Address.
  • How to configure Scope and do IP Address reservation in DHCP ...click here to read for step by step configuration.

    Note:- Find the DHCP Microsoft Best Notes Here Click me to access