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Information On Viruses

What is a virus : A virus is a program that acts accourding to their code.some viruses can make the copy of itself, even some viruses are very dangerous because it patchs their codes with memory, network programs or with executable file and distorter the functionality of other running programs. there are some viruses which can harm the data of Disk.
Difference between viruses, worms and trojan horse.

Latest Viruses List with details

W32/MyLife.c@MM W32/MyLife.f@MM W32/MyLife.d@MM
W32/MyLife.e@MM W32/Goround.worm VBS/Chick.b@M
W32/Cervivec@MM W32/MyLife.b@MM X97M/Gluas.a
W32/Porkis@MM Linux/Alfa W32/Shrew@MM
W32/Fbound.c@MM W32/Chiton Linux/Osf
BeOS/Telina Unix/Zerto W32/MyLife.a@MM
BackDoor-ABN W32/Gibe@MM BackDoor-ABH
SunOS/Exploit-Deliri Linux/Exploit-Su Linux/Exploit-Woot
BackDoor-OG W32/Enemany.b@MM W32/Enemany.a.intd
VBS/Horty.c@MM VBS/VBSWG.aq@MM W97M/Hich.a
JS/SQLSpida.b.worm JS/SQLSpida.a.worm QDel234
W32/Benjamin.worm X97M/Pathetic.d VBS/Horty.b@MM
W32/Yaha.c@MM Linux/Gulzan Badtimes Hoax
W32/Floodnet@MM VBS/Redlof@M W32/Denis.worm
JS/Fortnight@M Bat/Bwg.a@MM BackDoor-ADM
W32/Sowsat@MM X97M/Fixen.a VBS/Horty.a@MM
VBS/Dracv.a@MM VBS/Jord.a BSD/Exploit-Autofsd

Always make sure to install the latest antivirus software and take updates at regular intervals. We provide latest and comprehensive information about virus removal methods and information about different types of viruses and their activity.