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Check the simple stuff first

this step is the one that most experienced technicians overlook.Often,computer problems are the result of something simple.Technicians overlook these problems because they're so simple that the technicians assume they couldn't be the problem.Some examples of the simple problems are shown here:

Is it plugged in?:- And plugged in on both ends? Cables must be plugged in on both ends in order to funtion correctly.Cables can be easily tripped over and inadvertently plugged from their sockets.

Is the system ready?:- Computers must be ready before they can be used, Ready means the system is ready to accept commands from the user. An indication that a computer is ready is when the operating system screens come up and the computer presents you with a menu or a command prompt.If that computer uses a graphical interface, the computer is ready when the mouse pointer appears.printers are ready when the Online or Ready light on the front panel is lit.

Reseat chips and cables:- You can solve some of the strangest problems(random hang-ups or errors)by opening the case and pressing down on each socketed chip.you should also reseat any cables to make sure that they are making good contact.

Other Notes:- Do you know how to reboot the windwos server with command ?.
Answer :- go to command prompt

Press-->Enter ( system will start rebooting )

type-->shutdown -r -f

-r switch for reboot the machine and -f for forcely.