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powwer supply

Power Supply :- Power supply provides funtionallity to all computer component's.With out power ,even a single, component will not work then there should be special power supply arrangment for every component's.Yes you are right ,there is special arrangment for it.A power supply converts 110 volt or 220 volt Ac current into the DC voltages that a computer needs to operate. These are +3.3 volts DC,+5 Volts DC,-5 volts DC(ground),+12 volts DC,-12 volts dc(ground) and +5 volts DC standby.The +3.3 volts Dc and +5 volts DC standby voltages are used only by ATX motherboard, not AT motherboards.

Power supply contains transformers and capacitors that carry lethal current.dont try to play with them.Types of connector

Power supply are rated in watts.A watt is a unit of power.the higher the number, the more power he power supply will use.Most computer use power supplies in the 250 to 400 watt range.