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The Processor/CPU :- The CPU or central processing unit, the role of the CPU is to control and direct all the activities of the computer using both external and internal buses.It is a processor chip consisting of an array of millions of transistors.
Older CPUs are generally square, with transistors arranged in a Pin Grid Array(PGA).prior to 1981, chips were in ractangle size with two rows of 20 pins known as a Dual Inline Package.Most CPUs use either the PGA to the single Edge Contact Card(SECC) form factor.SECC is essentially a PGA-type socket on a special expansion card.

You can easilly identify the CPU in the computer because it is large lying flat on the motherboard with a very large heatsink and fan.

If the CPU is installed in a Slot 1 motherboard, it is a large 1/2-inch thick expansion card with a large heatsink and fan intergrated in to package .it is located away from the expansion slot.